• The Beauregard Sessions

    A wild, satirical parody of an infomercial for a punk rock album that was never made.
  • A Bunch of Words Regarding a Bit of Op Art *or* Beneficial Unintended Consequences Born of Chaos

    I have on occasion experimented with special paint additives or unique pens, paper, or pencils...

    ...What makes the Vaseline glass interesting to me is that Uranium oxide glows under black light...

    ...I had a few and put the glasses on, wandering around my house, beer in hand. When I looked at Large Psychedelic Nude, I realized that I had accidentally done something genius...

    ...When viewed with 3D glasses, background lines of the images appear to slightly move around and shimmer/twinkle on and off...
  • "Large Psychedelic Nude" sold to a collector in Dubai!!

    The sale marks the third continent where erotic works of mine can be found, and I've sold work to collectors in six countries. This may sound like boasting, but I write it for the opposite reason; thinking of things I created that are now halfway around the globe is a surreal and humbling experience.

    The sale of this painting is a bit of a milestone for me; though I've had some large orders, Large Psychedelic Nude is the first single piece of art I've sold for over $1,000 (though I am currently working on an even larger commission). Because I've started making and selling some higher value art, I've made up Certificates of Authenticity.
  • New - Certificates of Authenticity for all Originals, Nudles, and Prints!

    All of my original drawings, paintings, varied edition prints, and open edition prints now include a Certificate of Authenticity with purchase.
  • Mexico! Please Buy My Art! (Shameless Sales Promotion)

    I'd love to have my work with a collector in Mexico. I am offering a coupon for 25% off any full price original artwork, valid March 12, 2018-March 26, 2018, to anyone with a Mexican address.

    The code also works for any of the other 20+ nations considered a part of North America.
  • A Photo Essay of the Process Behind the Creation of "Congratulations!" - An Erotic Pixel Inspired Painting

    The (messy) creative process involved in creating my 12" tall, 36" wide, and 1.5" deep, acrylic on canvas painting titled "Congratulations."
  • A Brief Editorial [Rant] Regarding Free Speech, Sex, and Adult Content

    Maybe limitations of speech could be considered in regards to hate rhetoric. Nudity and sexuality are not hateful.

    Maybe credit card processors and banks shouldn't have to process payments from entities engaged in risky behavior. Nudity and sexuality, as ruled by U.S. Federal Courts. are not "risky behavior."

    Yet if tomorrow I was told that multinational banking/telecom conglomerates had assembled a 21st century Meese Commission, I wouldn't blink an eye.
  • Nudes A Poppin' 2017 (Part II)

    The long awaited summary of CRD Larson's first visit to the Nudes A Poppin' festival in July, 2017 (includes photos)!
  • 12 Inches of Sin VI Erotic Art Show, Put on by Sin City Gallery, July 21-23, 2017

    I am happy to announce that my geometric, zentangle erotic drawing "Lexi" will be exhibited as part of Sin City Gallery's 12 Inches of Sin VI erotic art exhibition. The show will be in New Orleans Square in Las Vegas, and takes place July 21-23. This was my first year applying for the show, and I am thrilled to be included.
  • Nudes A Poppin' 2017!

    Come see my art at the Nudes A Poppin' Festival at the Ponderosa Sun Club in Roselawn, IN, July 15 and 16, 2017!

    It's going to be 2 full days of nude competitions and pageantry, and looks to be a ton of fun.

    The Nudes A Poppin' pageant has been featured on HBO's "Real Sex" and is described in its marketing as the #1 erotic performance competition in the world.

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