From time to time, I transfer artwork into the CRD Larson vault, for any combination of a number of reasons.  A safe storage location separate from other works, the vault houses art that is no longer for sale and has been removed from all marketplaces.

However, disappearing into the vault is not a guarantee that a piece is gone for good. There are several different fates which could befall vaulted art, and most pieces are offered at a discount before being placed in the vault.

A primary reason art enters in the vault is that I decide that it needs an edit. Essentially, I've changed my mind on the finality of a composition.  When this occurs, any of the below are likely outcomes:

  • I draw/paint more on the piece
  • I cut or crop the art
  • I change the frame, mat, or mounting of the art
  • I need better photos or just want to give the piece a bit of a rest from the public eye

In any of the above circumstances, vaulted artwork will eventually become available for purchase again, though at a higher price than before it went in the vault.

Of course, there is no guarantee that any given art will re-emerge from the vault. If I try to make changes to a piece and fail miserably, or decide that I can no longer stand a composition, it is often destroyed.

One final note - with special exception, before any piece of art is locked away, I offer a substantial discount for a period of several months prior to placing it in the vault. Best offers are also considered on these works.

Keep your eye on the Deals and Steals section of my online shop/gallery for what's vault-bound and the opportunity to snag it for a low price before it disappears, perhaps forever.