About the Artist

"I'll know it when I see it" - Justice Potter Stewart, 1964

That quote, regarding pornography/obscenity, is a primary inspiration for my erotic artwork. I came across Justice Stewart's remarks in early 2013 when, shortly after starting to create nude art, I became frustrated with the restrictions of showing nudes both online and in person. My knee-jerk response to the quote was "Oh, will you?"

Using combinations of bright colors, dramatic crops, and detailed line work, I set out to create a body of work that blurs the line between what is considered artistic and obscene by the mainstream. What should be considered obscene and shameful is the inclination of Western culture to censor sexuality and bodies; a literal rejection of the natural world.

My erotic art has been exhibited in group and solo shows in Los Angeles, Portland, Denver, Chicago, and Seattle. I am thrilled to have sold work to collectors in numerous states across the country (though not all 50 yet!) as well as Canada and several countries in Europe.

I greatly enjoy whisk(e)y, beer, cartridge games, hot sauce, and (making) pizza in no particular order. Though I cut my teeth on Popov and Steel Reserve, I appreciate Imperial Russian Stouts and Single Malts.

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